Gas cheaper than renewables for EU carbon targets, say gas firms.

Guardian: “Europe could save €900bn (£762bn) and still hit its 2050 carbon reduction targets if it built fewer wind farms and more gas plants, a coalition of gas producers including Gazprom, Centrica and Qatar Petroleum has told the European Commission.”“The industry is lobbying against the possibility of the commission setting new  renewable energy targets and phasing out the use of gas. Next month, it will publish a draft “road map” energy strategy to 2050. /The Guardian has obtained a copy of an unpublished report by consultancy McKinsey, commissioned by the European Gas Advocacy Forum, which also includes ENI, E.On, GDF Suez, Shell and Statoil. The report, which has been sent to the commission, describes gas as a clean, plentiful and relatively cheap form of energy.”