Huhne op-ed hints at the pressure he is under from the gas industry.

In the Telegraph, Chris Huhne says: “Two months ago, an unlisted energy company released an initial estimate of UK shale gas resources. Cue protesters picketing my department, and suggestions that Britain should tear down its wind farms and move the pound to a mythical “shale standard”…. As ever, behind lurid headlines lurks a little truth. ….This year, for the first time ever, we imported more gas – whether piped from Norway or shipped from Qatar – than we pumped from our own continental shelf. …World gas prices are up 40 per cent in a year, and half of the average household bill goes on wholesale gas and electricity costs. As Ofgem has made clear, such higher gas prices are the real reason heating and electricity bills have been going up over the past eight years. …Shale gas has not yet lit a single room in the UK, nor roasted a single Sunday lunch. Yet those who clamour loudest for “realistic” energy policies would have us hitch our wagon to shale alone.”