Eon threatens to stop offshore wind power investments in Germany.

Der Spiegel: “The company said it will put two large projects on hold unless the grid operators speed up the construction of power lines. … The German government plans to increase the share of green power to 35 percent of power consumption by 2020 from 20 percent at present. A decisive part of that increase is to come from offshore wind farms. …There has been growing criticism of delays in building wind farms in the North Sea and Baltic. In January, the German Transport Ministry provided figures which outline the scale of the task Germany faces. The plan is to have 10,000 wind turbines in operation off Germany’s coasts by 2030. It currently only has 27. The aim is for the windfarms to produce 25,000 megawatts of power — so far, it’s just 135 megawatts. Energy company RWE has also complained about delays in power line construction.”