Nuclear industry net 12 reactors down in 2011.

The World Nuclear Industry Status Report 2012 key results: only seven new reactors started up, while 19 were shut down in 2011. On 5 July 2012, one Japanese reactor was reconnected to the grid at Ohi.”“Four countries announced that they will phase out nuclear power by specified years. At least five countries have decided not to engage or re-engage in nuclear programmes. Two reactors under construction were abandoned (Bulgaria, Japan). New build projects were officially cancelled in four countries. Of the 59 units under construction in the world, at least 18 are experiencing multi-year delays, while the remaining 41 projects were started within the past five years or have not yet reached projected start-up dates, making it difficult to assess whether they are running on schedule. The European EPR cost estimate has increased by a factor of four (adjusted for inflation) over the past ten years. Two thirds of the assessed nuclear companies and utilities were downgraded by credit rating agency Standard and Poor’s over the past five years. The assessment of a dozen nuclear companies reveals that all but one performed worse than the UK FTSE100 index. The shares of the world’s largest nuclear operator, French state utility EDF, lost 82 percent of their value, that of the world’s largest nuclear builder, French state company AREVA, fell by 88 percent.”