Global-warming weakens jet stream = US heatwave & UK abnormal rain?

FT: “In the UK, the bewildering amount of apparently endless rain has led to the door of researchers such as Professor Jennifer Francis of Rutgers University in the US. She studies the fast-changing climate in the Arctic, where she says the average thickness of ice floating on the ocean has shrunk from around 3m in the early 1990s to between 1m and 1.5m.Her work suggests this could be affecting the northern polar jet stream – fast-moving rivers of air several miles high that race from west to east around the northern hemisphere and push around weather systems. / The jet stream is driven by the difference in temperature between the colder polar region and warmer latitudes further south. But with that temperature difference shrinking as the Arctic warms, it may make the jet stream weaker and more meandering, effectively “blocking” wet or hot weather patterns, and causing extreme weather.”