"Banking has become criminalised in a way that threatens global stability."

Charles Ferguson, Director of Inside Job, in the Guardian: “This week evidence emerged that HSBC abetted massive money laundering by Iran, terrorist organisations, drug cartels and organised criminals. By this point, should this surprise us?” “Selling defective mortgage securities during the housing bubble; creating and selling securities to bet on their failure; bringing the world to the brink of collapse; colluding to manipulate interest rates; hyping your failing company while secretly selling your own stock; cooking the books; assisting Bernard Madoff. For many people in banking, it would seem, securities fraud, accounting fraud, perjury and conspiracy are just another day at the office. And yet, when I first encountered the world of money laundering while conducting research for my film Inside Job, I was still surprised. …over the past 30 years, banking has become criminalised in a way that threatens global stability. The time has come to use the same law enforcement tools that are used in fighting large-scale, organised crime.”