20 EU solar companies join dumping complaint to EU over Chinese rivals.

FT: “The complaint was filed on Tuesday evening after months of lobbying by Germany’s SolarWorld. It also enjoys the formal backing of more than 20 other European manufacturers, who have formed a coalition known as EU ProSun. Most of those companies have asked to remain anonymous, according to Milan Nitzschke, a SolarWorld executive who is Eu ProSun’s spokesman, for fear that their participation could invite retribution from Beijing. ….Under EU rules, the European Commission, the bloc’s executive arm, has 45 days to decide whether to launch a formal investigation. Chinese officials have already warned their EU counterparts that they will hit back if the commission goes forward. …The European version differs from the US complaint in that it specifies a range of Chinese solar products – including the wafers that are the building block of the photovoltaic cells, the cells themselves and the modules and finished panels that are comprised of multiple cells.”