Oil industry fights to keep drilling in face of public protest in Pennsylvania.

Former Pittsburgh Councilman Doug Shields: “Only 20% of that water returns, and that water returns with radioactive material – barium, strontium … It’s inherently dangerous.”“There’s no environmental-impact studies on the part of the state. The state – the institutions of our government – failed miserably to do any kind of due diligence … no environmental impact studies, no health risk studies. And now I’ve got sick people all over.” Shields put forth a city ordinance banning fracking, which passed. The oil and gas industry fought back, said Shields: “They went so far as to pass an act, Act 13, that pre-empted all zoning ordinances and authority for just one industry: the oil and gas industry. And Pennsylvania has a use by right, under the law enacted in February, to drill anywhere – (including) residential areas.” Pennsylvania townships sued, calling unconstitutional the obliteration of their local rights to maintain public health. They won, but are scheduled to defend their rights in Pennsylvania’s supreme court 17 October.”