Poll shows majority of undecided US voters worry about climate change and want renewables.

Business Green: “The poll from Yale and George Mason Universities surveyed 1,061 US adults and found that undecided voters’ attitude towards climate change and energy policy was much closer to that of declared Obama voters than Romney voters. Significantly, 55 per cent of undecided respondents also said that global warming was an important issue that was likely to influence their eventual vote. The survey found that 80 per cent of undecided voters believe global warming is happening, while only three per cent stated that it is not happening. This is largely in line with the 86 per cent of Obama voters who believe global warming is happening, and in stark contrast to the 45 per cent of Romney voters who agree global warming is occurring. A two-thirds majority of undecided voters also accept that if global warming is happening it is mostly caused by human activity, again in contrast to likely Romney voters. …..Moreover, the poll revealed strong support for Obama’s pro-renewables energy policy, confirming that 85 per cent of likely Obama voters and 83 per cent of undecided voters agree “that in the future US should use more renewable energy sources. Interestingly, 73 per cent of likely Romney voters also agree with the statement, suggesting Republican opposition to renewable energy support programmes may not be as popular with their base as has been widely believed.”