"Some big names will fall before solar surges back to life – but the rebound will surely happen."

Recharge: “Suntech, which will be de-listed from the New York Stock Exchange if it does not boost its share price soon, has a current market capitalisation of less than $170m. That compares with nearly $7bn just five years ago. Last June, meanwhile, Total paid $1.67bn for 60% of SunPower — a stake now worth less than $440m. …A more likely way forward is the bankruptcy of several large manufacturers — quite possibly including big Chinese names. The effect would be seismic. In addition to rapidly bringing demand more closely in line with supply, it would also make buyers of solar modules that much more careful about which suppliers they choose, probably driving many more marginal players into the ditch. That is the point — almost certain to occur within the next 12 months — when capital will start rushing back in.”