Trio of top scientists calls for a moratorium on new conventional power.

A world-class trio of British, German and Italian scientists publishes a letter in Nature, based on a research paper in publication [1], arguing that renewables could be mobilized far faster than many people realise. They calculate that the solar component of an all-renewables energy infrastructure could be in place in the UK as soon as 2020, mobilizing solar PV no faster than Germany already has. They also summarise evidence from Germany showing how peak power prices have been reduced by solar deployments in recent years. On the basis of this, the scientists – Keith Barnham, of the Physics Department at Imperial College London; Kaspar Knorr, of the Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy and Energy System Technology, in Kassel, Germany; and Massimo Mazzer of the CNR-IMEM, Parma, Italy – call for a moratorium on the building of new conventional power plants. Barnham expands in the Guardian. I and Frans at Solarcentury welcome the new development.