Bundeswehr on peak oil: "Psychological barriers cause indisputable facts to be blanked out."

The Bundeswehr has posted an English version (112 pgs) of its recent analysis of peak oil. The original German document was approved for public release last November. Neither the complete German version nor the partial English translation has attracted interest from mainstream media. Conclusions of this vital study include: It is “difficult to imagine how significant the effects of being gradually deprived of one of our civilisation’s most important energy sources will be. Psychological barriers cause indisputable facts to be blanked out and lead to almost instinctively refusing to look into this difficult subject in detail. Peak oil, however, is unavoidable.” Please read on. For example: “the most difficult part of preparing for drastic shortages in the resource base of the German economy will probably be the task of implementing suitable preventive measures. The paradigm shift connected with this – less efficiency, more robustness – contradicts economic logic and can therefore only partly be left to market forces.”
JL thought: Throughout my career I have consistently found military thinking on systemic risks to be more sophisticated than corporate thinking.