"Global gas push stalls": major non-US production could be a decade away.

WSJ: “Exporting the U.S. shale energy revolution overseas turns out to be far tougher than anyone expected …oil companies are running into obstacles as they try to replicate the U.S. experience on other continents. The result is that significant overseas shale energy production could be a decade away.”“Among the reasons for the glacial pace abroad are government ownership of mineral rights, environmental concerns and a lack of infrastructure to drill and transport gas and oil. ….China is believed to have more shale oil and gas than the U.S. The problem is that most of it is in arid or heavily populated areas; oil companies worry they won’t be able to obtain enough water to hydraulically fracture the rock—the process needed to free hydrocarbons from shale. “To create a flat drilling pad, we almost always have to take out some part of a hillside and basically someone’s rice paddy,” says Simon Henry, Royal Dutch Shell’s PLC’s executive director for the Asia Pacific region. ….Other countries, like France and Bulgaria, have gone further and banned hydraulic fracking altogether because of environmental concerns, essentially stopping development in its tracks.”
JL thought: That wasn’t in the plan then. Is anyone in HM Treasury reading the Wall Street Journal, one wonders?