As US solar rooftop installations soar, Solarcity expects 60% growth in 2013.

Recharge: SolarCity says it installed 156MW across the residential and commercial rooftop segments in 2012, slightly more than it originally intended. Yet to turn a profit, “the company put up 72MW in 2011. The residential segment accounted for 54% of installations in 2012 – but will account for more than three-quarters in 2013, or 190MW total, the company predicts. …SolarCity’s share price closed up 5.6% at $13.02 on 3 January – significantly higher than its IPO price of $8, and not far off the $14-$15 range the company had initially suggested it would sell its shares for before backing down amid market uncertainty. …The US likely installed more than 3GW of PV in 2012, up from 1.9GW in 2011, giving it a roughly 10% share of the global market.”