Investors force out gas giant's CEO as shale gas story clouds.

FT: “Carl Icahn, the corporate raider who was a prime mover behind Aubrey McClendon’s decision to step down as chief executive of Chesapeake Energy could afford to be generous in victory. The appeal to the judgment of history, though, was an indication that in the present, Chesapeake is in deep difficulties”“….The new chief executive now being sought by headhunters is likely to have to focus on disposals: dismantling the company that Mr McClendon put together. If any one person epitomises the highs and lows of the US shale revolution, it is Mr McClendon. A charismatic, evangelising salesman for natural gas, he started Chesapeake 24 years ago with just 10 employees, and built it into the second-largest gas producer in the US, behind only ExxonMobil. ….His ‘retirement’ at age 53 is a sign that the heroic age of US shale is over.”