US Army Colonel in plea to countrymen to wake up on oil depletion.

Daniel Davis in the Huffington Post: “There’s hardly a day that goes by anymore when we don’t hear some story reinforcing the idea that the United States has entered a new oil boom and in only seven years we’ll have achieved energy independence.” “…Unfortunately, an examination of American consumption patterns and the underlying fundamentals of global oil supply expose the impossibility of such claims. ….According to the EIA, as of last November, the U.S imported 8.1 million barrels of oil per day (mbd). Last month the EIA projected that by 2020 the U.S. would still have to import 35 percent more than we can produce just to meet domestic demand: by any definition, that is not ‘independence.’ But buried in the EIA report was a fact that shows how perilous our situation beyond 2020. The report notes on page one of the Executive Summary, that even if we succeed in reaching the highest total oil production target of 7.5 mbd, by 2020 U.S. production will begin “declining gradually to 6.1 million bpd.” In other words, even according to the EIA’s optimistic hopes for tight oil production, the U.S. will reach 2020 still requiring imports to meet 35 percent of our daily needs, but then begin a decline thereafter! …The Crown Prince also projected that over the next 17 years, he expects Saudi Arabia’s domestic consumption to increase by 4 mbd above current levels. Since there are no plans to increase capacity, it is a virtual certainty Saudi exports will not remain at current levels, but decline in proportion to the increase in domestic use as has been the case for the last decade.”