Scotland's 100% renewables target by 2020 unviable without UK: study.

Guardian: “Alex Salmond could be forced to abandon his ambitious 100% green energy target if Scotland votes for independence, a team of academics has warned.” “The group of energy specialists from four universities across the UK argues that an independent Scotland would have to fund far more of the billions needed to subsidise renewable energy such as offshore windfarms and wave and tidal devices on its own, because it would lose significant financial support from consumers across the UK. ….The report, ‘Delivering Renewable Energy Under Devolution’ and funded by the UK Economic and Social Research Council, follows warnings from the US investment bank Citigroup in 2011 and from the Perth-based electricity giant SSE, which owns a significant chunk of the UK’s renewables sector, that uncertainty over the impact of independence undermined investor confidence. ….At present, the Scottish renewables industry supplies around half of the UK’s renewable electricity output. But the costs of accelerating that investment are likely to be far higher, the report states. Scotland still needed to install another 11GW of capacity to meet the 2020 target, while 50% of Scotland’s overall electricity consumption is still coming from fossil fuels and nuclear. ….The report adds that Salmond is correct to argue that post-independence, the rest of the UK would still likely need Scottish renewables to help it hit its target of generating 30% of electricity from renewable sources by 2020. ….A recent Ofgem capacity forecast predicted that by 2015, electricity generation capacity would only exceed peak demand by 4%.”