Solar lanterns on the verge of mainstream acceptance in Africa.

Solar Power Portal: “Solar lanterns are capable of emulating the likes of Coca-Cola and mobile phone companies by finding a route to mass markets in Africa, according to UK-based charity SolarAid.” “The British retail charity established in 2006 and funded by 5% of Solarcentury’s profits has announced that sales of solar lanterns by its wholly-owned social venture, SunnnyMoney, will break 320,000 for 2012-13. The boost in sales represents a 600% increase over last year’s sales…..Jeremy Leggett, Founder and Chairman of both Solarcentury and SolarAid, concluded: “This is a significant milestone in a long-running dream of mine: to create a fast-growing VC-backed cleantech company that aspires to do great good itself, but also via a fast-growing social venture of its own creation. “SunnyMoney holds the potential to become a poster child for what I think of as a renaissance company – one fit for purpose amid the ruins of our broken modern form of capitalism. Crowdfunding at scale is just one of the innovations we hope to provide leadership on during the renaissance”.” See also BBC Newsnight coverage.