"Peak oil doomsayers proved wrong": David Frum on CNN.

CNN.com: “Five years ago, some oil market speculators became convinced that the world was nearing the limits of oil production. Sometime soon — the 2010s? the 2020s? — oil production would begin a long steady decline. Think again. World oil production continues to rise.” Leading the oil renaissance: the United States. The International Energy Agency predicts that the United States will overtake Saudi Arabia and Russia to become (again!) the world’s leading oil producer by 2017. If the agency’s estimates prove correct, the United States and Canada together will become net energy exporters by about 2030, and the U.S., which uses 20% of the world’s energy, will achieve energy self-sufficiency by the mid-2030s.”
JL: How many times are cornucopians going to misrepresent peakists this way? Its not about oil running out. Its about flow rates.