UK nuclear subsidies flout EU rules, lawyers say.

Reuters: “Britain’s plans to reward nuclear plant operators through fixed prices for low-carbon energy are illegal under existing EU rules and efforts to adapt them are likely to draw opposition from other member states, EU and legal sources said.”….”Neither under the current (…) nor under possible future frameworks could the CfD scheme for nuclear generators be declared compatible with European state aid rules,” said Doerte Fouquet, a lawyer specialised in EU law at Becker Buettner Held in Brussels.” ….”This raises the question if governments opposed to nuclear energy, and they are in the majority, will allow such a legal act to be drafted and decided by the EU Commission,” said Claude Turmes, vice president of the Green party in the European Parliament. The European Union has 27 member states. Twelve of them issued a joint statement two weeks ago saying their countries were supportive of nuclear power playing a role in the future European energy mix.”