Two minutes that I hope might begin turning the climate tide.

JL open e-mail: “I am living in hope that if this 2 minute animation of the latest CarbonTracker findings holds huge potential in the climate debate. Its not just the way that it portrays the findings of our latest Carbon Tracker report, launched at a packed event last Thursday in Bloomberg’s HQ in the heart of the City of London. Its the nature of the arguments. You don’t even have believe in the danger of climate change to see that. You just have to believe that its worth having a pension that doesn’t evaporate on you.” “Bill McKibben and I elaborate on how this all looks from our campaigners’ perspectives on climate change in an op-ed. But for those who prefer to listen to financial analysts, how about this from HSBC’s oil and gas analyst, Paul Spedding? “The scale of ‘listed’ unburnable carbon revealed in this report is astonishing. This report makes it clear that ‘business as usual’ is not a viable option for the fossil fuel industry in the long term.” In other words, shrink your oil and gas and grow your clean energy while you have time.
Fossil-fuel advocates worry about keeping what they call their “social licence”, meaning the tacit permission of society to frack and otherwise exploit ever dirtier carbon fuels. They should be worried about losing their financial licence too. This is how we can perhaps best hope to turn them away from their determined effort to drive civilisation over a cliff.”