Top official working on EMR resigns as analyst warns HMG off gas reliance.

Guardian: “The government’s controversial electricity market reform (EMR) programme has been dealt a serious blow with the resignation of the top civil servant working on the scheme.” ….The departure of Jonathan Brearley came as a leading energy analyst warned that it would be “imprudent” for ministers to rely on gas – including shale – to bail out the UK from a looming energy crunch.
Brearley, director of energy strategy and futures at the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), is leaving just as the EMR is moving through the legislative process via an energy bill.
….Claudia Belahmidi , an analyst with IHS Energy, said: “Even if early UK resource estimates for shale gas are confirmed by further drilling activity, which will be slow due to environmental concerns, relying on gas alone to prevent a looming UK energy crisis would be imprudent”.”