UK uncertain how to deal with its 100 tonnes of Plutonium.

FT: “The UK is home to the world’s largest stockpile of plutonium, with more than 100 tonnes of the highly radioactive material. The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, whose job it is to look after the plutonium, is preparing to give its recommendation on how the government should deal with the problem, with an announcement expected as early as next month.”In the early days of the UK’s civil nuclear programme some forecast that uranium – used to fuel conventional reactors – would rapidly run out. The UK decided to stockpile plutonium – which is extracted from reprocessed nuclear waste – as an alternative to be used in a new generation of experimental reactors. However, not only were the forecasts about uranium wrong but the reactors were never built.
….The government has previously said its preferred option is to convert the plutonium into so-called mixed oxide fuel, or Mox, for use in new reactors.
However, the NDA has also been considering two alternative proposals from nuclear technology groups, GE Hitachi, the US-Japanese joint venture, and Canada’s Candu.”