"Call a truce in the no-winners solar war."

Jeremy Leggett in the FT: Europe is on the brink of a trade war with China in one of the fastest-growing global industries. America and China are already engaged in battle. The job-rich and emissions-low solar photovoltaics industry is heading for severe impairment, at best.”“The solar PV industry grew tenfold globally between 2007 and 2012. The average cost of buying a panel fell more than 75 per cent. Unless there is a trade war, many analysts expect solar electricity to be cheaper than any other alternative in most markets by 2015. Renewable-energy advocates enthuse, based on recent experience in Germany, about its potential, in conjunction with wind, across a nation or a continent. ….At some stage, the world will have to embrace common security on a bigger scale. Engaging in international competition while clinging to the illusion that markets always work will never solve our common problems of energy insecurity, poor air quality and resource depletion, never mind development. We will keep on maiming industries that can save us.
Solar markets would be a great place to start, and now is the time.”