SolarAid wins a Guardian Sustainable Business Award.

Lucy Thorpe, in the Guardian:  “So how did SolarAid create so much demand that sales for solar lights in Tanzania grew by 720% in 2012?” “…..It founded retail brand SunnyMoney to develop a unique distribution model, which would put solar lamps in reach of the people who need them most. ….SunnyMoney worked with headteachers, appointing them as agents to promote the benefits of solar lights to their students. ….In 2012, SunnyMoney sold 125,000 lights, saving 25 tonnes of carbon and enabling 560,000 people to reduce their carbon footprint. Before buying a solar light, 85% of those customers used kerosene for lighting. After buying a light, 90% reduced their kerosene use and one third no longer use kerosene at all. ….In a strong category where the scale of ambition impressed the judges, they said: “SunnyMoney is an inspiration. We were most impressed by the scale of behaviour change the campaign achieved.” They also praised SunnyMoney’s imaginative approach to communication and liked the way the initiative was targeted at people who would most benefit. Few, if any, other businesses have launched a sustainable brand and enabled thousands of people to live more sustainably in such a short space of time.”