Solar = random desecration of the countryside: comedian.

Guardian: “The comedian Griff Rhys Jones has accused the government of “random desecration” of the countryside and despoiling “pristine landscapes” through its subsidies to wind turbines and solar power.” “Responding to criticism of his objection to a solar farm near his home in Suffolk last week, he said it was “not really a Nimby issue,” that he was not a climate sceptic and he thought the UK should be powered by new nuclear reactors, not renewable energy.
“We surely need better solutions to global warming than randomly scattered whirly-gigs [sic], and thousands of acres of glinting solar panels, however soothing to our consciences,” he wrote in a letter to the Guardian.
Jeremy Leggett, whose comment article in the Guardian Jones was responding to, said: “I’m glad that Griff’s whole belief system on energy is out in the open now. It’s more useful to have these kinds of debates in a holistic context. Let’s see how his case fares in reversing the opinion polls that show big majorities of people favouring ‘scattered whirly-gigs, and glinting solar panels’, and believing – as the Germans are showing every day – that in fact they do a rather good job of cutting greenhouse-gas emissions.”