Australian coal industry warns of "radical campaign" to scare off investors.

SMH: “Concepts such as a “carbon price bubble” and “unburnable” fossil fuels are invalid slogans that are part of a “radical campaign” to scare off investors, according to a report commissioned by the Australian Coal Association.” “Anti-coal activists have a strategy to create investment uncertainty as one way to disrupt and ultimately destroy the Australian coal industry,” Nikki Williams, ACA’s chief executive, said. / The report, Fossil Fuels: A Sound Investment in a Growing World, takes aim at recent reports that argue most of the world’s carbon-intensive fuels will have to remain in the ground to avoid dangerous climate change from a warming atmosphere. / The ACA-backed report, written by ITS Global consultants Alan Oxley and Jeffrey Rae, said environmental groups ignored rising worldwide demand for energy and had dismissed the potential for carbon emissions to be caught and buried rather than vented.”
Tree Alerts: The Australian Coal Association (ACA) has joined a chorus of Government voices to attack research from Australia’s Climate Commission, the Carbon Tracker Initiative and The Climate Institute in an attempt stop investors losing confidence in Australia’s coal industry. The ACA report argues that coal is a “solid investment in a growing world”, an assertion that’s a lone voice amidst a chorus of recent reports from Australia’s Climate Commission, the International Energy Agency, and the World Bank. Their analyses and others from Standard & Poors, HSBC and more, emphasise that time is of the essence if we are to make an orderly and socially just transition to a low carbon economy.