"Peak oil's death has been greatly exaggerated."

Andrew Leonard on Salon: “One commenter on the Oil Drum’s announcement (of closure) went so far as to claim that “fracking had killed The Oil Drum.” Another posted a Google Trends documenting the sharp decline in searches for the phrase “peak oil” as contrasted to the sharp rise in searches for the word “fracking”.”
“I asked the Oil Drum whether the fracking-killed-the-Oil-Drum theory had any merit. Here is what “Joules Burn” told me (emphasis mine): “I think it is more the case that the majority of contributors (and editors and tech staff) are just burned out (sorry for that pun…).”
….if Joules Burn is right, the long-run “truth” of peak oil is currently being obscured by a short-term unsustainable boost in production. And if that’s the case, one could argue that, now, more than ever, we need voices disputing the new complacency while we still have time to move more aggressively to renewable sources of energy before we hit the real crunch.
But the Oil Drum won’t be part of that mix. Someone else is going to need to step up.”