UK offshore wind power in "serious doubt".

Guardian: So says the Institute for Public Policy Research in a new report. It “has found that the government has done too little to attract wind turbine manufacturers to set up in the UK, with the result that only a small proportion of the tens of billions of expected investment in offshore wind will benefit British manufacturers.” “….The IPPR also criticised the government’s apparent lowering of ambition for offshore wind – in 2011, the government set an aspiration of 18GW – amounting to several thousand turbines, potentially – coming from offshore wind by 2020. But that has been revised drastically downwards, with the latest projections from the Department of Energy and Climate Change (Decc) showing an expected generation capacity of only 11.5GW by 2020, rising slowly to 16GW by 2030. If such low levels are realised, the chances of the UK meeting its emissions reduction targets are small, according to government advisers, the Committee on Climate Change.
A fortnight ago, the government set out the “strike price” for offshore wind, of £100 per megawatt hour of energy generated. This is the price that offshore wind companies will receive as a minimum for the power they supply to the grid. Renewable energy companies said that driving down costs to ensure they could make a profit at such a price would be “challenging”.”