Spain privatises the sun: taxes use of it, so making solar uneconomic.

El Pais, via google translate, paraphrased: If you gather sunlight via solar panels on your roof, and do not pay a tax, you could be fined up to 30 million euros. The tax is big enough to make solar uneconomic. All this in a royal decree.
“With their dread of the power to be “destabilized” power consumption (if not disappear), someone against what logic dictates, has proposed burying the photovoltaic industry (now it is more necessary than never) in a bottomless pit, sometime in 2010 someone has decided to privatize the sun …. yes yes you read right, ….but that’s not all, if you get caught collecting photons of sunlight for your own use you can drop a fine of 30 million euros. Such as if it were a drug. Commit the sacrilege of being energy independent can be very expensive, the sun now is only for the privileged few and the power companies in which directors are former presidents and former ppsoe dualistic party ministers.
….Right now, in Spain you can privately produce energy and consume it in the moment, a mode called instant consumption. The latest legislation is 2011. …..The excess energy can not be stored in batteries because it is forbidden. When there is no sun or wind, you have to engage the network and pay the normal invoice.
…..”Of all the possible scenarios, this is the worst,” José Donoso, president of the Spanish Photovoltaic Union (UNEF), which represents 85% of the sector’s activity.
….With the changes known so far the payback time of photovoltaic grows considerably. If before the reform was needed 12 years to recover the investment in a residential installation of 2.4 kilowatts of power now will require 23 more, according to estimates by UNEF. The consumer is the most played, since in the case of plants or irrigation service times have increased five amortization and 4.75 years, respectively.”