"Time to renew interest in renewables?", Goldman Sachs asks.

From the editor of Fortnightly Thoughts (no url): “The alternative energy complex is intricately intertwined with several changes that the world is currently experiencing.” “At one end, a rising global focus on environmental costs, most visibly in China but also globally, makes a strong case for including cleaner sources in the energy mix of countries. Changing the energy portfolio also has important geopolitical benefits and consequences. Falling equipment costs, driven by manufacturing scale, subsidies and technology, have also improved the relative economics of renewable energy, and solar in particular. But at the other end, renewable energy is currently competing against a more benign fossil fuel price outlook, including cheaper (and relatively cleaner) natural gas, thanks to North America’s shale boom.
Funding constraints in developed markets, particularly in Europe also pose a risk to investment in the near to medium term. Growing the use of solar and wind in the power mix beyond a certain threshold requires more integration of a country’s power infrastructure, the removal of bottlenecks in terms of grids, storage and, perhaps, a shift in the way industries and households consume power. So, while the longer-term case to develop and invest in renewable energy in order to satisfy energy demand in a sustainable way remains unchanged, we believe that the opportunity lies with those who can meaningfully improve the economic case for these technologies.”
In the report: “Did you know that…Solar PV is a major renewable source of energy across the globe, accounting for roughly 14% of global renewable capacity. It is also the fastest-growing form of renewable energy in the world, having grown at a CAGR of 59% over the last five years.”