US shale gas boom a "one off", says BG.

FT: Senior executives at BG Group are predicting it could be a decade or more before widespread development of shale gas reserves occurs outside the US. This despite: “In 2011, the FTSE 100 company became the first exporter to strike a deal for shale gas from the Gulf Coast of the US, agreeing a contract with Cheniere Energy running from 2015 and estimated at $8bn.
Matt Schatzman, executive vice-president for global energy marketing and shipping at BG Group: “We don’t see a big wave of shale development globally in the near term. Our position is that you’ve seen a tremendous change in the US, and the US was, really, in terms of developing unconventional, a sweet spot. Our view is that we’re sceptical that’s going to be fully replicated anywhere else as quickly as we’ve seen it in the US.”