The first major cleantech breakthrough: Tesla shares soar.

Guardian: “Shares in electric sports car maker Tesla Motors Inc jumped 18% to a record high on Thursday, after surprisingly strong second-quarter results convinced investors the company has found a route to sustainable profits.” ….”The bull argument for the stock could be that the CEO, Elon Musk, is the next Henry Ford – ie mass market success would be assured,” said Barclays Capital analyst Brian Johnson, who raised his target on Tesla to $141 a share from $90.
The Model S is the best-selling US electric car despite a starting price of more than $70,000. The company sold 5,150 cars in the second quarter and said on Wednesday it expects to reach an annual production rate of 40,000 by late 2014 as it starts selling in Europe and Asia.
….With so many alternative-energy firms struggling – such as solar power companies and other electric car companies – analysts say Tesla appears to have broken away from the pack.”