Nuclear safety shutdown in S Korea causes national energy crisis.

FT: “South Korea’s electricity grid is struggling to cope without three nuclear reactors where operations have been suspended indefinitely over safety concerns.” ….”Last November, Seoul said it would investigate all 23 of the country’s nuclear reactors, after it emerged that safety certificates for more than 7,600 components had been forged. Kim Joong-kyum, chief executive of the state-controlled utility Korea Electric Power Corp, resigned, but the ensuing investigation judged that none of the parts were essential to the safe running of the plants, and allowed them to continue operating.
But the problem entered a more serious stage in May when the government ordered the suspension of three reactors after discovering they had been using more crucial components – control cables – with forged documents. A subsequent investigation has stoked fears of a pervasive web of corruption surrounding the industry after prosecutors indicted officials at a state power company on claims that they had accepted bribes to turn a blind eye to forged documents.”