Squeezed households cut energy use by a quarter as prices soar.

Guardian: “Households in England and Wales cut their energy use by a quarter between 2005 and 2011 as prices soared, government figures show. The sharp fall was probably caused by a mix of efficiency measures and environmental awareness, as well as steep price rises, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) said.” …”Average bills have risen by 28% in the last three years, industry regulator Ofgem said. ….A third of people said cutting energy use was affecting their health or quality of life. ….The ONS figures showed that average energy consumption in England and Wales fell from 26.2 megawatt hours (mWh) in 2005 to 19.7 mWh in 2011.
….TGreen Deal has been beset by technical problems and takeup has been low. It also launched the Energy Company Obligation, a companion programme for low-income households requiring energy companies to help make homes more energy efficient.
A Fuel Poverty Action spokesman said the government needed to break the power of the big six energy companies and reduce reliance on expensive gas in favour of clean, cheap renewable energy sources.”