Centre-right "sabotage" leads to renewables job losses: German politician.

Recharge: “Germany last year lost jobs in the renewable energy sector for the first time in more than a decade – a trend that is about to worsen dramatically due to the crisis in the PV sector, claims a leading Green politician. While the number of people employed in green energy jumped more than tenfold from 30,000 in 1998 to 372,000 in 2011, it receded slightly to 368,000 in 2012, says Green Party MP Hans-Josef Fell.” “A further several tens of thousands of jobs are likely to be shed this year in the solar sector, plus about 10,000 in the biogas industry, Fell claimed, blaming what he calls a “sabotage policy” towards renewables by Germany’s current centre-right government.
….He singles out steep cuts to FITs for PV enacted last year, as well as proposals made earlier this year by environment minister Peter Altmaier and economics minister Philipp Rösler for harsh changes to the renewables support system that included retroactive measures.
“Just the announcement of the ‘electricity price brake” (Altmaier’s proposal) has massively unsettled the entire renewable sector; restraint with financing (commitments) and a deterioration of the investment climate followed,” Fell says.
The proposals were blocked by Germany’s powerful states. But several members of the government, including Chancellor Angela Merkel herself, have said they want to push for a thorough reform of the renewables legislation straight after federal elections that will be held on September 22.”