Solar continues to top UK energy-popularity opinion polls.

SolarPowerPortal: “The latest results of DECC’s public attitudes tracker show that solar continues to be the most popular generation technology in the UK, with 81% of those surveyed expressing support for the deployment of solar across the UK. In each of the six waves of research carried out by DECC, solar has come out as the most supported renewable technology.” “In addition, a survey commissioned by the BBC in support of 5 Live’s energy day revealed that 84% of the 1,035 polled supported more solar panels in their local area.
….The results of the surveys also support a recent YouGov poll commissioned by the STA which revealed that 71% supported the development of good quality solar farms in the UK. In contrast, only 6% said they would support a fracking site in their local area.
The results of the survey seem to support calls from the industry that recent mainstream press coverage of solar misrepresents and distorts the public’s attitudes towards the technology.”