New European law to clamp down on market price-rigging.

Guardian: “Life bans on rogue traders and large company fines as Financial Conduct Authority and Ofgem launch investigations. The European parliament is expected this week to vote through tough new legislation that would allow Brussels – and London – to crack down much harder on rogue traders in financial and energy markets.” “The move comes as competition regulators from the European Commission widen their inquiry into the oil trading activities of BP and price reporting agency Platts, while a senior Brussels politician urged British financial and energy watchdogs to undertake a deeper investigation into alleged manipulation of the British wholesale gas market.
Arlene McCarthy, vice-chair of the committee on economic and monetary affairs inside the European parliament, said on Sunday she was confident a vote on Wednesday would ensure benchmarks such as the London interbank offered rate (Libor) plus others in the oil and gas sector would be classed as financial instruments, allowing lifetime bans on those trying to rig the markets.
….Under the proposed legislation, Britain and other member states will be able to impose life bans on traders and fine companies 15% of their annual turnover if they are caught abusing the markets. The laws are being brought in after a wave of scandals involving banks manipulating the rates at which they could lend each other money.”