All Japan's nuclear plants shut again, cash-strapped utilities deep in red.

FT: Kansei Electric’s 1,180-megawatt No 4 reactor at the Ohi plant in Osaka will be idled from Sunday for safety inspections, and the total freeze will last until January at the earliest, exceeding a two-month hiatus last year. “The staggered shutdown of Japan’s 50 reactors has caused utilities to plunge into the red, even as the government has allowed them to pass on some of the extra cost by raising prices. Cumulative losses for the nine utilities with nuclear plants came to Y171bn ($1.7bn) in the three months to June, according to Bloomberg data, on top of losses totalling Y2.4tn in the two years before.
….In the meantime, Japanese utilities and trading companies have been aggressively courting new suppliers for better terms.
This week the US Department of Energy said it had authorised a second LNG project – Cove Point in Maryland – to export to Japanese buyers, following the licence granted to Freeport LNG of Texas in May. But such projects do not begin production for another three or four years, leaving Japan dependent on its long-term suppliers and spot markets.”