Colorado floodwaters cover fracking wells. "No idea" of leakage.

ClimateProgress: “Colorado flooding has not only overwhelmed roads and homes, but also the oil and gas infrastructure stationed in one of the most densely drilled areas in the U.S. Although oil companies have shut down much of their operations in Weld County due to flooding, nearby locals say an unknown amount of chemicals has leaked out and possibly contaminated waters, mixing fracking fluids and oil along with sewage, gasoline, and agriculture pesticides.” “You have 100, if not thousands, of wells underwater right now and we have no idea what those wells are leaking,” East Boulder County United spokesman Cliff Willmeng said Monday. “It’s very clear they are leaking into the floodwaters though.”
….Executive Director of the Colorado Department of Natural Resources Mike King told the Denver Post that, “The scale is unprecedented.”  ….The entire state of Colorado has 50,000 active oil and gas wells, but fewer than 20 inspectors. An Earthworks report found that state regulators tend to conduct inspections sporadically and inconsistently, with 15 staff having inspected more than 16,000 wells in 2010.”