Obama administration set to block new US coal plants.

FT: “Regulations that would in effect ban the construction of new coal-fired power plants without costly carbon capture equipment are expected to be set out this week by the Environmental Protection Agency, the US regulator. The proposed rules, setting limits to emissions of carbon dioxide that contribute to the threat of global warming, have already revived talk about the Obama administration’s “war on coal”.” “In terms of its impact on US energy, however, the immediate battle is little more than a skirmish. In banning new coal plants, the EPA would prevent the US electricity industry doing something it does not want to do anyway, because low natural gas prices resulting from the shale boom have made investment in new coal-fired plants uneconomic.
The real conflict will come next year, when the EPA is set to propose rules for existing plants, affecting the coal-fired generators that provide 39 per cent of US electricity.
….In 2013-15, the US industry is planning to build just eight new coal-fired generators, according to the Energy Information Administration, compared to 138 new gas-fired units.”