Colorado floods 'completely overwhelm' search for oil and gas leaks.

Guardian: “Inspectors hunting for oil pipelines and oil drums damaged in Colorado’s epic floods are being “completely overwhelmed” by the sheer scale of destruction, a member of Congress has warned.” “Jared Polis, a Democratic representative from Colorado, said the state’s regulatory agency was struggling to reach flooded areas and arrive at a full accounting of the damage and potential leaks to its 50,000 oil wells. Inspectors have so far reached about a third of the flooded oil fields. Last week, aerial surveys of the flooded area showed dozens of overturned storage tanks.
….The state has 17 full-time oil and gas inspectors, although reinforcements have arrived in the wake of the floods. As of Monday afternoon, the state’s oil and gas regulator reported eight “notable” spills over the vast oil and gas area, which it said amounted to a release of some 27,000 gallons of oil.”