"What does the IPCC report mean for business and investors?"

Jeremy Leggett on the Guardian: “If we do nothing in the face of these kinds of warnings about climate change, at some point, not far off in this century, nobody much is going to be doing any worthwhile business at all. Fossil-fuel energy companies are essentially on collective course to kill much of their ultimate customer base, and we cannot allow them to do it.”
“One strategy to stop the madness is to slow and eventually turn off the capital taps on carbon-fuel capex, tuning that with an acceleration of low-carbon industries at a pace akin to mobilisation for war. In this respect, it in notable that the IPCC presents clear evidence for a carbon budget approach. The IPCC findings are consistent with the research of the financial think tank I chair, Carbon Tracker, and reinforce the need to identify unburnable carbon, wasted capital and stranded assets in the capital markets. We can now expect stranded carbon-asset risk to become a standard agenda item in boardrooms of companies and regulators alike.|
This is not a good time to work for much of Big Energy. Some companies have declared themselves, openly, essentially to be enemies of civilisation. Big utilities across Europe are telling policymakers to put the lid on renewables or else. They want to throw gasoline on a fire that’s in the first stages of burning our collective house down, and we must stop them.”