BP accused of rejecting a plan that might have stemmed spill early.

FT: “BP rejected a plan that might have stopped its 2010 oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico within a month in order to protect its “cover-up” of the rate at which oil was escaping, the company’s legal opponents have alleged.”
“Capping the well eventually took 86 days, and BP now stands accused in court filings of putting a higher priority on defending its public statements about the flow rate from the well than making the right decisions about sealing it.
BP used an estimate of 5,000 barrels per day in its early public statements. At the time the well was sealed, the rate was about 53,000 barrels per day.
The “cover-up” allegations are made by the states of Louisiana and Alabama and private sector plaintiffs suing BP for damages over the spill, and also by Transocean and Halliburton, two companies involved in the accident. Phase two of the trial over the disaster begins on Monday.”