BP accused of "outright lies" in US federal trial.

Guardian: “BP told “outright lies” as it tried to hide the amount of oil that was spilling into the Gulf of Mexico following the Deepwater Horizon oil rig disaster, a court heard on Monday, in a new phase of the trial that could ultimately determine how much the company will pay in fines.” “In opening statements of the latest phase of the trial over the fatal 2010 disaster, plaintiffs’ attorney Brian Barr said BP failed to prepare for a blowout and compounded the problem by lying about how much oil was flowing from the well. He said BP was woefully unprepared for the disaster. “BP’s plan was nothing more than a plan to plan,” said Barr.
….The Department of Justice says the claims 4.2m barrels poured from Deepwater Horizon after the fatal fire and explosion that claimed 11 lives. BP estimates the figure was closer to 2.4m barrels. The figures will determine the ultimate size of BP’s fine, which could be as high as $18bn. In court filings BP has argued the US is using “unproven methods that require significant assumptions and extrapolations” and intends to challenge those figures in court.”