Big 6 accused of "daylight robbery": >25% of bills overcharged.

Guardian: “Energy companies were accused of “daylight robbery” last night after a survey indicated that more than a quarter of customers are being overcharged through mistakes on their bills. The average error was worth £121 a year in the energy company’s favour, suggesting that errors benefit companies to the tune of at least £650m annually and possibly much more.” “Clare Welton, from the Fuel Poverty Action campaign group, said that with average annual energy bills from the Big Six suppliers now approaching £1,500 per household after a series of price rises, she would expect the “profiteers” to charge the correct amount.
….The row over errors is just the latest in a long list of complaints around the way the power companies handle money. Earlier this month the Guardian revealed that npower, one of the big six suppliers, owed its customers almost £400m at one stage last year due to direct debit overpayments. Another, British Gas, was found to have made £20m one year by keeping hold of money owed to former customers who had built up credit on their accounts.
Separately, the big six take in £1bn from their customers for some green levies while completing a fraction of the thousands of green and social measures they are required to carry out.”