Does Blackstone's sale of GeoSouthern say anything about peak oil?

Christopher Swann in the NYT: “A $6 billion oil deal signals yet another apex for the Blackstone Group. The sale of private equity-backed GeoSouthern Energy to Devon Energy comes at a high price by one important measure. Blackstone, one of GeoSouthern’s owners, also has an uncanny knack for timing. The glut of undeveloped land owned by oil companies suggests finding buyers will get tougher.” “….Activity in the sector is waning. From 2010 to 2012, oil companies purchased a record $260 billion of virgin exploration land globally, about four times the annual average over the previous decade, according to the consulting firm IHS.
….Blackstone’s prescient track record, however, may be the most telling sign. Its 2007 initial public offering, just ahead of the financial collapse, was timed impeccably to maximize the price it could fetch. That same year, it pulled off a similar trick by swiftly offloading a slug of the office buildings it bought as part of a $39 billion Equity Office Properties deal. For the shale industry, the GeoSouthern sale is the latest reason to believe in a new form of peak oil.”