The unfathomable scrabble & splash energy policies of the UK government.

Letter to the Times: “Sir, The policies of the coalition Government on energy prices are contradictory to an almost unfathomable extent. At the same time as scrabbling around to find a way to cut £50 off bills, they are committing energy consumers to buy electricity at fully double today’s prices for decade after decade.” “The Government proposals to fund new nuclear power stations show that nuclear is far too expensive to be politically acceptable: it is only the myopia of contemporary politics and the highly influential nuclear lobby that allows these proposals to roll onwards despite their absurdity.
Dr Ben Fairweather, De Montfort University; Professor Ian Miles, Manchester Business School; Professor Brian Wynne, Lancaster University; Professor Peter Aa Strachan, Aberdeen Business School; Professor Andrew Blowers, formerly Committee on Radioactive Waste Management; Professor Roy Butterfield (Emeritus), University of Southampton; Dr Carl Iwan Clowes, Public Health Wales; Dr Jeremy Leggett, Founder and Chairman of Solarcentury; Dr Stephen Connelly, University of Sheffield; Dr Alan Terry, University of the West of England; Dr David Lowry, environmental policy and research consultant; Dr Matt Watson, University of Sheffield; Dr Ian Fairlie, Independent Consultant on Radioactivity in the Environment