S Sudan loses 250k mbd and the talk is of global oil supply crisis.

FT: “The crisis in South Sudan, which has left hundreds dead, has started to hit global oil supplies, compounding the effects of production losses in Nigeria and Libya and putting upward pressure on prices. Africa has replaced the Middle East as the focus of concern over global oil supplies due to recent disruptions in the three petroleum-rich countries.”“People are expecting a shortage in supply,” Ali al-Naimi, the veteran Saudi oil minister, said this weekend in an unusual warning.
….The South Sudan crisis comes as the oil market is already weathering the loss of about 350,000 barrels a day from Nigeria, due to sabotage and theft, and at least 1.1m b/d from Libya, due to fighting between Tripoli and local militias.
Brent crude, the global oil benchmark, hit a two-week high near $112 a barrel on Monday as the strife in South Sudan threatened the country’s oil output, adding to supply woes elsewhere in Africa. The cumulative loss of production in Africa is now hovering at about 1.5m b/d – well above the total incremental increase in oil production this year from the US shale revolution.
Oil prices are set to hit their third highest annual record in 2013, with Brent crude, the global benchmark, averaging $108.6 a barrel so far this year. The average is slightly lower than records set in 2012 and 2011 of $111 and $110 respectively.”