BP given permission to drill off Greenland.

Guardian: “BP has won permission to drill in the clear waters off Greenland, just three and a half years after abandoning similar plans to apply for a licence in the aftermath of the Deepwater Horizon blowout.”Greenpeace said it beggared belief that a company with BP’s chequered track record would be allowed to work in one of the world’s most fragile environments.
….”BP and our partners ENI and Dong Energy are pleased to have been awarded block 8 in the north-east Greenland licence round, an area amounting to 2,630 square kilometres,” said BP in a statement.
“North-east Greenland is a long term play, and we expect several years of careful planning before exploring this challenging and interesting region. We look forward to working with the BMP (Greenland’s bureau of mines and petroleum) and partners to develop a 2D seismic work programme,” it added.
….Since the end of 2012, BP has not been awarded any new licences by the US government but has won stakes in drilling rights in the Barents Sea off Norway.
….BP is also now a 20% equity holder in Rosneft, which has substantial licenses in the Russian Arctic.
Shell had been pioneering a new round of drilling in Arctic waters off Alaska but ran into conflict with the safety authorities after its drilling rig, Kulluk, ran aground.
The French oil group Total has argued that energy companies should stay away from the Arctic because an oil spill would risk doing so much damage to the environment. Christophe de Margerie, the group’s chief executive told the FT in September 2012: “Oil on Greenland would be a disaster.”